my name is Ivo Nascimento, I’m a I.T. professional passionate with architecture, algorithms, patterns and endless conversations about universe and everything else.

I Host my ideas here. Sometimes in  articles, others in more serious papers you can download, perhaps some podcasts and videocasts too. Thanks internet to provide such way to share my thoughts.

I’m currently research in 3 kinds of problems:

1- Information Retrieval
2- Anti Fraud Systems
3- workflow and BPM systems.

My interests in such areas start at the real problem they intend to solve, passes it  architecture needs, for coding some models for test possibilities and ends in the market where such solutions can become usefull.

I’m 34 year.

Has not finished my graduation. Besides I start Computer Science at EEP (Engineeer Piracicaba School) and Mathematics Degree at USP (São Paulo University). (I’m working to fix this right now)

I’m married and we have 2 cats plus another one in some kind of internship program for cats 😉

I love literature, philosophy, poetry, opera, numbers and beer.

I stop smoking in Jan, 2014.

I’m always open to talk about new ideas and challenges.

You can check part of my projects in github.com/iannsp , check my php podcast PHP 5 Minutes, my poetry declamation program at 332 Poems Project, and one of my lectures video “Thinking the Software Development”.

Also, as a instructor, some times I teach PHP, Object Oriented Programming, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

And you can look for more links about me in about.me/ivonascimento

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