Do not Forget POPO, the Plain Old PHP Object approach.

(just to clarify: This article dont say you dont need use frameworks, or even need do things from the scratch. This article talk about be a framework developer and ignore how things are done behind the scenes.)
There is no free lunch.

Seems the PHP for Enterprise are going directly to the same destiny the Java was years a go.

Each software was developed framework based. There is no free framework code.

Is this a bad new? Not really.

The massive use of framework for enterprise php development increase the quality and the maintenance of the code base and has the hability to propose some standard dialog between the developers who are comming and that ones already working.

Imagine the dialog:
— What language do you speak?
— I speak ZF1 and 2 and I’m learning Laravel and Symfony.
— Good, we are apt to talk each other.

And, in some time in the future(or not) each of those who believe in know the patterns and develop this patterns and test this patterns will be treated as believers. Old fashion believers with more questions than answers.

I’m a believer?

YES, of course. But I believe in frameworks also. I believe you need understand the code under the cover to not panicking when something going wrong.

When I compare PHP with Java I do this with the porpuse not to call Java a bad way or point the finger to some feelings of low self esteem from PHP team. I do this to point the market pressure to more and more and more productivity and this reflection into the quality of the results.

I respect the product cycle. The fact you need a proof of something can become a product and there is people out there willing to buy this  crazy and amazing idea you have. Frameworks become fundamental to this proof and of course the framework are important to the maintanance of the product to growing wealth in face of the market demand.

I just do no believe the framework are the first of all things you need learn.

There are the Plain Old PHP Objects there, There are the basic 101, and the first step over the basics and other step over and other again. Where you can fall and fail and you will fall and fail and will learn with it. Where you will discovery the PHP Documentation, the RFC 2616, the Gang of Four,  and the always growing list of technologies and concepts developed to have your job done(with lasers).

Please, do not start from the frameworks, discover everything from the scratch and when you feel confortable(not perfect, perfection is evil) go ahead and become more productive or, for god sake, do both at same time like read some Symphony book this week and articles about php stream in the next.


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