2 Step e-commerce Checkout

Think about it:

The client go to your e-commerce, select 2 beautiful shoes and then proceed with checkout as a normal checkout but when click on confirmation button the software respond with a new form with the message: “Please, insert the secure shopping code”

This exacly moment the client mobile phone alert a new sms with a 4 character code from the store you are buying the shoes. Something like “eK8z”. You type it and voíla, you finish the checkout with a 2 step security level. You login into the store with you email/password identification and use a second code to verify “you are yourself” in the moment of any checkout.

I have a lot of pro and cons arguments but, this a small list I need your help to handle.

  • What is the impact into conversion rate?
  • What is the impact into fraud rate?
  • Is this a valid method to increase the security?

Some real world aspects are interesting since the begining, like for example, you give the credit card number to a relative to buy one thing, he does this but you cant erase the information from its mind. If he tries to buy another thing he fails because you do not give him the confirmation code. 🙂

Here, take a look on this picture with a draft for this idea:



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