Rulez – A Business Rule Engine to Rule Them All

Some business areas need change with so much agility than is not possible to develop(coding) softwares to handle the situations with reasonable cost. You deploy something you need change in hourly bases.

For this cases you need a software where this rulez are not a code, but an information and Business Rule Engine works like this. An user can create rules and use this to evaluate a result from apply this rules in a know data record(the fact).

I do not believe you need complex tools to do complex tasks. Not as a rule 😉

So, I start develop a business rule engine to support some designs I believe can be easy to use for business man(using a well designed web interface) and for a more technical skilled man (apply rules to devops needs, for example).

You can find the Git Repo here Rulez Business Rule Engine.

Rulez: A Business Rule Engine for rule them all.

This is the 0.0.1 version yet, but you can use it right to test the concept.

The goals of this project are:

a) string rules
Using javascript syntax you create strings with expression as rules. You can use all JS syntax. This mode is the mode to create Rules I thing is more easier than learn programming JS functions.

b) Function rules
If you are more experient with programming languages you can develop rules using functions and improve the complexity in your rules.
This is the mode where you can use external resources like require some nodejs mysql module and use database in your rules.

c) JS Object RuleSet
provide a way to set all ruleset into a JS Object(you know).

d) logic operators  between rules and rule groups
ruleset is a array. You can group some rules for test like
[rules1, [ruleA, ruleB, ruleC], rule2];

e) run as daemon
if you use a -d parameter you run Rulez as a daemon and listen in a port you can set.
You can set a daemon ro process just one ruleset (and create more than one daemon each one for one specific rule).


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