why Hipchat become the new standard

You have skype, IRC, iMessage, SMS, whatsApp, Hangout, and A, B, C, D to Z options for you company communications.

In fact,  you have more options than you can organize in a excel spreadsheet.

This tools are developed to increase your communication skill and come and go as temporary selections.

Someday IRC is the mainstream. You go to sleep, wake up and realize the skype is the new standard and watch WhatsApp break the standard again and can see Google Hangout running in the corner trying to become the first one in the users heart(need a lot of improvements).

Today, I think a new standard come from this myriad of chat tools(OK, this tools look more than just chat tools).

HipChat are turn the table and become the new darling. 😉

But Why? That is what this article talk about:

Why HipChat become the new Standard?

December 6 fo 2012. This is the moment of the first build. I do not use this tool since this date, of course. And I never heard about untill november 2013 when I work with a team fully of early adopters.

I just know today the HipChat kick the other chat tools to the corner with powerfull insights of simplicity and extensibility. In real, I believe the other chat tools give hipChat a hand help with it lack of focus, confuse resources, merchandising and bugs… lots of bugs.

The champion used to be skype, sundelly Microsoft buy it and something happen. Some bugs appear, I advertise here and there. The signup process become a mess. Download the software force you to identify yourself(Micrsoft, I just like to download It. Its not a NSA resource. Its a chat tool).

Well, With that classic Microsoft hand helping arises a space in the market to a new champion.

and HipChat has some amazing resource  for developers and dinamic teams.

Here is list of good stuff

Mention:  in a chat like mentioned in a tweet and even offline you are notified of this.

Add Ons: While Microsoft close the Skype shop for add Ons. Hipchat open the door for creative people extends it application with usefull tools like bitbucket and github integration, quote of the day, pagerDutty, Hubot integration. The list is bigger than this.

Syntax Highlight: Incredible hummm? But very usefull for a dev team. And works!

App Version for Desktop, mobile and web: Because we know some tools we prefer running natively.


You pay $2 for each user when you reach the free limit of 5 users per team.

HipChat – https://spix.hipchat.com/home
compare HipChat with the others – https://www.hipchat.com/compare
commands for HipChat – http://help.hipchat.com/knowledgebase/articles/64451-work-faster-with-slash-commands
Hubot – https://github.com/github/hubot
Hipchat API Documentation – https://www.hipchat.com/docs/api/method/users/list


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