5 Ways to separate boys from the men into I.T.

1. Refactoring


The application are working fine and the business area bring a new requirement. You open the code, go to the method and:
a) add an IF
b) refactoring the code to dealing with new requirement?

This decision talk a lot about how you see the code, the project, the maintenance and your co-workers.

When you simply add an IF to handle with a new business decision you can delivery faster(some times) than refactoring but, you increase the maintenance complexity and broke a lot of design rules your co-workers need to facing in the future.

2. Database Design


This is one of the more accurate way to measure the experience of a developer and “separate the boys from the mens”.

Inexperienced developers tend to fail on define which data type use to more especif nich data.

Another thing is the size of fields. Use a text to persist a name is not so rare like you think.

3. Facing new Technologies


There is a new technology to apply into that part of the project. Yes, that one?! remember?

An experient developers love new technologies but give more time to this technology become mature before apply it on production environments beside test the new in your pet projects to know the gotchas.

4. Deadlines


pressure. The sweet smell of “there is no more time”. 🙂

You need to solve a problem to delivery you project but has no clue about the solution.

This is a good moment to ask for help, talk even more with your colleagues, look for more information. The worse reactions is sit down in front of the keyboard and typing furiously a new bad smell in the project.

5. Chat with customer


Be part of all game, not the “just the implementation”.
Some developers think the business details  as a problem to the business guys at the same time they believe the coding part are just to the tech guys.

Some news for you: There is no such thing like business and tech responsabilities when you are into a project. When you handle this knowledge as separated parts you create a communication barrier.

Business guys need your help to understand the possible solutions to a problem and tech guys need them to really understand the problem and perform the best solution he can.

As a developer, become partner of the tech guys is easy. You talk the same language. But become partner of the business guys is one of the biggest skills for a senior.


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