Do you have a minute to talk about programming languages?

Well, programming languages are some kind of religion, right?! For those who believe a language can save the job even with evil pratices. 🙂

I saw developers fighting each other trying to protect the kingdom of some programming language. This kind of thing are so annoying as programming with a client giving hunches near your shoulder. And helpless too.

This article talk about what there is so much programming languages today and why for god sake those language are out there, waiting for your  spare time to take it and create amazing things you never really going to use in real life.

Here, the better way to start is from the beginning of this thoughts:

Screenshot 2014-02-14 18.23.37

this is the TIOBE index for the month of february.

And what this index say for us, developers?

Part of developers listen something like: “Frack!!! Visual Basic and Python fighting for the 7th position?” anothers “Java is better then C (and a baby seal dies of cancer)”.

Objective-C is there, C++ is there(over Objective-C ?!), C# and one of my favorite ones, the Javascript is there too. Why?! why so many languages?

Because, my little padawan, this (the thing of so many programming languages)  will not unbalance the force. This IS the balance of force.

Merely speaking: different programming languages serve different masters and while you observe movement into the TIOBE graph, the world will be safe from the domination of the evil and unfortunately (or not), from the domination of  a good master.

Apart from this are the technical question: What for?

Unless you are better C programmer than Dennis Ritchie you will never reach the productivity to justify develop a e-commerce with this language, but true: A request to use php to develop a linux driver would never be approved also (or will it?)

There is no much thing a consider a unanimous, but one is for sure:

Always use the right tool.

Do not try use VB for stuff in linux environments for example. Or php for GTK systems. But do not ignore each programming language purpose too and the natural evolution the time and massive use give to each one, so, use PHP to web applications is natural and not evil, develop server application with are preferable and not a old practice.

And please:

Stop fighting each other, little master. Cooperative work guys, please.

Work in cooperation:

  • The C developer create that amazing module you use in
  • your PHP or Python to create an amazing interface,
  • so usefull because the miracle of Javascript, to show data
  • you process with a C++ really fast compiled softwares and beautifull maintainable code
  • but reaceive from a Visual Basic mainstream and sucessfull ERP application the guys are
  • planing to move to Java or C#.

and remember,  “Let You Power Combined!!!”:

just kidding. Let me try again to show a cooperative work result:


2 thoughts on “Do you have a minute to talk about programming languages?

  1. Great, I do believe that programming languages can be mixed to produce a better result, reliable also maintenable, but …… could be not viable to some enterprises keep this kind of diversity in internal
    environments. Great discussion, thanks for this.

    • Yeah, that why a talk about the choice.
      The company need programmers to work with the selected language and the costs increase in the same scala you increase the number of languages in a environment. I understand this and other costs evolved, But the company need select one as the main language and this one need be the best one for the company porpose.
      The “orbital softwares/requirements” are not the target but the target run in the selected language.
      And another thing is even when you run just one language you probably use others softwares to diferent needs and this, in the end, is normaly using other languages in their own strong fields.

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