Seven Things you might not know about me

Sorry about the english but, I only follow the other guys 😉

The Rafael Dohms from elect me to write this, so, I will try and if you don’t understand somethink I wrote here, don’t worry, this is more normaly then you think.

  1. I’m don’t have degree. I try it for 3 times and I never finished it… So I will try again this year and hope i can conclude this to never more listen some one talking about this and get a little sad.
  2. I worked as a car mechanic for a while and I study for. I made a course to become a car mechanics in the Senai, at Piracicaba – SP. It is real, at my signature have a reference for this.
  3. I listen to any kind of music. except that musics are not really music like Axe,pagode. I prefer classic music, blues, jazz, rock and some old crazys like prodigy.
  4. I worked whith Borland Delhpi and enjoy It. After that I got in touch with php and enjoyed a lot ;), but some times I use perl, bash script and so on…
  5. I can drink a lot of beer without getting drunk…but only one glass of wisky or vodka make me forgot who I am. So, if you invite me to a party… do not let me drink distilled and let me next to the stock of beer.
  6. Read to me is a compulsion. I even read medicine leaflets. That makes easy to select a gift for me. 🙂
  7. I’ve already been a photographic model, in a time that models could be ugly and I had 15 years

To get sequence of this, I need elect more seven guys, so:

  • Ivan Rosolen because I know he studyed lot of MVC and this year will give us a lot of presentations about it.
  • Marcelo Toscano. If you like to discussion any think. That is the guy. 😉
  • Rodrigo Paiva. This guy is manager of a programmers team and help your programmer to make site style beautiful in code and css.
  • Rafael Jurado Neto work with me at Burti for a while(3 months) and is a physicist. He is pragmatic with your codes. Physicist thinks 😉

Well, I need stop here… The other guys was elect by other friends.


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